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Social Media Connections Extend Beyond Church Walls

At Brotherhood Mutual, we use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels to connect with ministry leaders and volunteers, our agency partners and employees, and the community where we live and work. In 2013, we launched a Twitter campaign at the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. #TaggedAtCatalyst encouraged people to make ministry known by sharing their ministry story with us on Twitter.

Social media helps us connect with people and share resources that can help them continue work to further the Kingdom. World Outreach Church uses social media in much the same way. These tools offer a way for the church to reach out to those who know their ministry well, and also to those who don’t know the church at all.

“Our goal with social media is to increase awareness of the Gospel and our ministry,” says Allison Fraker, social media coordinator at the Murfreesboro, Tennessee, church. “While our congregation represents an important portion of our audience on social media, we want to reach further than that. We want people to know they can be part of us, without being part of our congregation.”

Fraker manages about 15 social media accounts for the church, including Facebook pages and groups, Twitter handles, a LinkedIn page, and Instagram and Pinterest accounts.

“With all of these social media channels, we no longer have to rely solely upon people finding their way to us,” says Fraker. “Now we can reach out to them. Social media gives people a point of contact with our church, and introduces them to all that we have to offer.”

Keith Posch, director of information technology at World Outreach Church, says that while it’s difficult to measure, they know social media plays a role in introducing the church and the Gospel to those beyond their congregation.

“People may find us first on Facebook or Twitter, and check us out there,” says Posch. “It’s possible to be a part of our church family even if you aren’t local—via social media, television and our website.”