North Coast Church


Video Offers Means for Sharing a Consistent Message

Brotherhood Mutual continues to expand its library of risk management videos. Suggestions for topics to cover come from the experiences of policyholders with safety of church property, youth activities, and the nursery high on the list. All videos are available for free on the company’s website as well as the company’s YouTube channel.

North Coast Church in Vista, California uses video to share sermons, weekly announcements, and member testimonials in a way that inspires and informs.

“We offer 31 services across four campuses each weekend,” says Dennis Choy, communications, technology, and production pastor at North Coast Church. “Since we can share our weekend message through video across multiple campuses, we are able to reach more people with God’s word.”

North Coast Church invites people to join its congregation by word of mouth—person to person. Members go into the community with DVDs that contain video from weekend services, sharing the DVDs with nursing homes, firehouses, military bases, and others.

“In this day and age of technology and media, it constantly amazes me how God is using what we do here on the weekends long after the weekend is over,” says Pastor Chris Brown. “I recently received an email from a woman who watches our sermons online. Her husband was in jail and her son was having a horrible time with his dad not being at home. One night, as one of our sermons played in the background, she cried for God to heal her son’s broken heart.

“Just after her son fell asleep, she rolled toward the computer and started watching our message about Hagar and her son Ishmael lost in the desert. Then she read my reply to that email she sent, and at that moment, she knew that God had heard her cries just as he had heard Hagar’s cries for her son.”

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