broadcast Creates Ministry Communities Online

Brotherhood Mutual hosted nine live webinars in 2013, which gave us a unique, interactive way to connect with more than 3,000 ministry leaders. While we’re using free webinars to talk about church management and safety, some ministries are using the Internet to share the gospel with people at different stages in their faith journey.

Several years ago, in Oklahoma City recognized that people were searching online for spiritual connections and answers to questions about faith. In response to that need, they launched Church Online in 2006. Last year, they welcomed 5.7 million unique visitors to their online worship experience.

“People are searching for answers online,” says Alan George, Church Online pastor at “We can meet them in their moments of need and connect them to Christ and each other within a loving, supportive, and active community.”

Church Online at is an international community of people who gather each week to worship online. Every experience includes a video presentation of worship music, teaching, a live chat environment translated from multiple languages, and one-on-one live prayer. In an average week, Church Online at sees 110,000 to 130,000 unique visitors. Most of the attendees are from the United States, Pakistan, and Indonesia.

“Both Pakistan and Indonesia are places where there are risks to openly practicing Christianity, so online ministry allows us to take the Gospel to places we couldn’t otherwise go,” George says.

For some, online ministry is a supplement to help them stay connected when they can’t attend church in person. For others, it’s where they find Christ. It serves as a front door of sorts for some new believers, which eventually helps them get connected to a local church. For many others, Church Online is their full-fledged church home.