Risk Management

By bringing good safety advice to our customers, we create an environment that helps hearts and hands stay engaged in ministry. We want customers to pursue ministry without interruption, avoiding the discouragement, delays, and difficulties that can accompany a loss.

That’s why we offer free safety articles on our website, host several webinars each year, and employ a dozen trained risk control professionals. When you have tough questions, it’s good to know you can depend on someone for answers.

In addition to these services, our team of lawyers provides general guidance about liability, insurance, and legal risk management through our LegalAssistance program. It’s provided free of charge, regardless of whether we insure the ministry. Our attorneys responded to nearly 1,000 queries in 2013, our fifth full year of offering the service. That’s a 300 percent increase over 2009, our first year of offering LegalAssistance.

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