When you discover a burst pipe gushing water through the church and Sunday is two days away, you need help – fast. Our claim adjusters know you’re dealing with a crisis, and they know what to do. Even when claims are pouring in, they strive to call you back the same day, exceeding our standard of responding within 24 hours of receiving notice.

“It’s a critical priority,” says Peter Kujak, property claims manager. “A speedy initial response demonstrates that we’re concerned and want to help the ministry recover as quickly as possible.”

Customers often stop by Brotherhood Mutual’s booth at conventions to tell about the great claims service that they received. And 98 to 99 percent of the ministries who file claims with us report that they’re satisfied with how we responded.

Part of their satisfaction stems from how they’re treated when the adjuster calls them back.

“We focus on being approachable and compassionate,” Kujak says. “We realize that to the caller, we might be just a voice on the other end of the line. That’s why we treat everyone with dignity and respect.”

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