John Murphy, left, meets with Randy Tingle, administrator of North Shelby Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama. Murphy was named the company’s Rookie of the Year in 2013 for his excellent performance representing Brotherhood Mutual.

The agents who sell Brotherhood Mutual insurance coverage are truly independent. They could represent any company, but they choose to partner with us. Part of that stems from their personal involvement in ministry. They believe in the product they sell, because they see how it benefits churches.

Every Monday morning, a group of pastors in a rural, Alabama town gather for a Bible study. Last summer, they invited John Murphy, an agent who represents Brotherhood Mutual through GuideStone Financial Services, to visit their group and share how they could better protect their church property. John drove two hours south from Birmingham to visit the pastors’ Bible study in Georgiana, Alabama.

The experience impressed Allen Stephenson, a bi-vocational pastor who once trained life insurance agents for a living. “We all fell in love with him,” Stephenson says. “He’s just special, and you know it the first time you meet him. He’s a sold out young man for Christ.”

Instead of trying to sell the pastors something, John offered to help them, Stephenson said. “To me, everything’s about integrity, and he exudes integrity,” Stephenson said. “That guy is the real deal. He is genuine. It is truly a ministry for him.”

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