Freedom Hall

Brotherhood Mutual began sending corporate work teams to Freedom Hall Recovery Center in southeastern Ohio after an employee’s plight brought attention to the center’s need for housing. Brock Bell, senior manager of risk control, lost his daughter to a drug overdose while she was on a waiting list for admission to the residential drug and alcohol treatment center. Since then, Bell has been working to help Freedom Hall expand its ability to serve women so other families don’t have to endure a similar loss.

“I quickly learned after Tracy’s death that giving back would be the best way for me to heal,” Bell says. “I remember someone told me, ‘the absence of meaning makes a tragedy so intolerable,’ and that just stuck with me. If I can help save just one life, prevent one family from going through what we did, it will all be worth it.”

In June 2013, a corporate mission team from Brotherhood Mutual helped hang insulation and drywall at Tony’s House of Hope, a new building that will more than double the number of women the recovery center can house. In 2014, a team traveled to Ohio for the grand opening celebration of the new building, which will house 24 women seeking freedom from addiction.

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